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Digital Journey Podcast | Navigating Your Online Business Voyage

Nov 21, 2017

Turn your current traffic into big money by improving your click through rate. Kurt Phillip visits the Digital Journey Studio to share his story. Kurt thought he would be a butcher for the rest of his life but after a life-altering car wreck that put him in a coma and the inability to walk for a year he had to find a new career. He began working on his new career in the E-commerce & Lead Gen business. He now focuses on optimization of websites to make more money with the same traffic and links. Kurt says he has created the perfect win win situation for him and his clients. He can show 100% verified results to his clients that are more than happy to share the newly found income. Whether it's a green button or a properly placed banner. Kurt shares how testing and tracking different combinations to find the most traffic converting website designs.