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Digital Journey Podcast | Navigating Your Online Business Voyage

Nov 28, 2017

Learn why Igor Buyseech dropped out of college after reading the Tim Ferris's 4 hour work and how that opened the door to make money online for the last ten years. Igor is now the number one SEO consultant in Slovenia, his home country. If you are interested in ranking your website in this country almost all doors lead to him. He tells the Nick & Rob how he started in first e-commerce business and brand while he was in college and only spent $129 on ad words to sell tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. After having some success he knew dropping out of college was the right path for him as he was already making a substantial income. He soon realized that he could rank websites and sell products without buying Ad Words. Soon after he became an expert at SEO in his country people began to ask him to do SEO for them. Referrals started pouring in for his services. He now runs the biggest SEO company in Slovenia. He even recently went back to college to complete his college education.